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Costa Rica is the leading country in geothermal energy due to being part of the Central American Volcanic Arc which has several active volcanoes.  It’s this geothermal energy that creates hot springs.

The creative idea of bringing hot spring water, with its high mineral content, and coffee together for an innovative new processing method started in the small town of Orosi, just 35 km south of San Jose, where the hot springs contain potable water. Initially, the Beneficio San Diego processing center was concerned that the water would cool on its journey because the facility is located 2 hours away from the hot springs, but the spring water is so hot, that the mill team must wait for the water to cool enough to start the process.

The coffee selected to undergo this process comes from Tarrazú region, also almost two hours away from the mill. The caturra and catuaí varieties, which are cultivated between 1200-1750 meters above sea level, are hand-picked at peak ripeness. After the coffee is depulped, it’s placed in fermentation tanks with the hot springs water, warm enough to effectively remove the mucilage without cooking the coffee. During the fermentation, the mineral-rich water permeates the parchment and the beans absorb these nutrients and infuse the coffee with distinctive and unique flavor notes of pepper and black currant. 

The flavor profile: cocoa and nutty, with a stone fruit acidity. The additional brightness and clarity of flavor is also attributed to this hot spring process.  The Tarrazú coffee has a mild acidity with a light body that makes it perfect cup any time of day.   And...we have this both in regular and Swiss Water Process decaf!    

Photo credit:  Genuine Origin Green Coffee Buyers

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