NEW COFFEE has arrived!

Nothing makes us happier than new arrivals of coffee...except sharing them with you.  We think you're going to love these fabulous single origin selections as much as we do!

Let's get to it.
Back in stock is our DECAF COSTA RICA.  It's a washed coffee with full body and lively acidity with flavor notes of  floral, citrus, and hints of Caramel and Chocolate.  Costa Rican coffee is always a favorite! 

We now have HONDURAS in DECAF (we have it in regular).  This coffee is also washed.  It has the aroma of sweet roasted peanuts, but the flavor notes are graham cracker, brown sugar, and bittersweet chocolate.  Sounds like s'mores around the evening campfire in a coffee mug - and you can because it's decaf!  With medium body and mild acidity - it's a winner, for sure. 

Our third new DECAF is SUMATRA.  We are so happy to have this back in stock.  It's a superb low-acid coffee that has been wet-hulled processed with herbal, earthy, spice flavor notes, and has a sweet and syrupy body.  

You know our decaf BRAZIL has been a customer favorite, and now we have it in REGULAR
Brazilian coffee is known for its nutty, chocolately flavor notes.  This one has soft acidity and a smooth medium body. It's a stellar choice.

Lastly, we have KENYAN coffee!  Coffees from Kenya are always sought after and this one is no exception. It's a washed coffee that has been sun-dried.  It has a berry/floral aroma with a heavy body and bright acidity - typical of African coffees.  The flavor notes are so so good, maple syrup, citrus, dark chocolate with a hint of jasmine. 

Farmers Market season has ended, but if you are local you can find us served at Kiss the Sky Books at 401 Main Street in Sultan.  

Aaaannd....we've got new merch comin' in soon too - perfect for holiday gift giving, but I'll save that news for the next time.  Let's enjoy fall.

In the meanwhile - order a bag or two of some of these new choices to enjoy on these chilly autumn mornings!  Not sure which one to buy?  -Try our sampler pack of three 4 oz. bags. 

Happy Autumn... and Cheers!

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