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A tasty recipe for you from @mals_motivated

A tasty recipe for you from @mals_motivated

Coffee is not only absolutely terrific to drink, but it is a fabulous ingredient in recipes as well.  Our very talented baker friend, @Mals_Motivated (on Instagram) created this recipe for us using our coffee!  We couldn't wait to share it with you.  They are such a tasty snack.

Coffee Crusted Almonds

Coffee Flavor Notes: A symphony of taste

Coffee Flavor Notes:  A symphony of taste

You see "flavor notes" listed on products bags, but what are they?  Well, they aren't added flavorings, but compounds in the beans brought out by roasting and brewing.

Hot take on Cold Brew

By M.J. Blanchet

What is it about a cold cup of black coffee that is so distasteful? Maybe it’s the fact that it’s been sitting around long enough to cool from delightfully warm to disgustingly room temperature? Or maybe it’s that French press you made hours ago and some of the grounds have leached into the coffee - ew. No one likes crunchy coffee.

And yet, Cold Brew exists. The very idea seems alien. Who purposely brews a cup of coffee either chilled or room temperature?

I’m not talking about...

Single Origins and Blends

Single Origins and Blends

If you’re new to Specialty coffee you might not be familiar with all the terms that are often used, and I’m not talking about brewed drinks like Macchiato or Cortado, but rather “blend”, “single-origin”, and “micro-lot”.

New Beginnings

New Beginnings

Happy 2019!  As we embark on a new year, I thought it would be fitting to talk about new beginnings, specifically how Talking Crow began.

Sitting over a cup of our morning coffee, Eric and I were thinking about a “retire to” career - something that the two of us could work at together and also bring the kids alongside us too, if they wanted.  Eric thought coffee roasting was fascinating and it sounded pretty intriguing to me too.  We decided to take classes offered by Specialty Coffee Association so that we could learn as much as we could.  The classes were offered at the Swiss Water Process plant in Burnaby, Canada, which lucky for us, is a very doable drive away.  We were immersed in coffee information from “seed to cup” as they say.  Growing, farming, harvesting, processing, exporting, importing, roasting, and brewing - A LOT OF INFORMATION!