Stay safe and enjoy coffee at home - buy any 2 (12 oz) bags get 20% off. Use code STAYHEALTHY.


"We love Talking Crow's decaf coffees! They are delicious + allow us to indulge in afternoon coffee without having the caffeine jitters. I love that they use Swiss water processing and have so many varieties! Shipping is always really quick, and it feels really good to support a small business. :) Highly recommend!"
-Kerstin N.

"I just have to tell you, your Decaf Ethiopian coffee is truly exceptional. I made the best home latte I’ve ever made today. Just so good.”
- Karen H.

“I must say, the Guatemalan is incredible stuff. I’ve been drinking Tony’s Back Country blend for about 6 months now…and I think I found a new one. I’m super picky with my coffee. My wife is out of the country on business right now, but she’s going to flip when she tastes this."
-Joe I.

"I would like to thank you, personally, as the Founder and CEO of Talking Crow Coffee Roasters and the person responsible for the delightful products I have so enjoyed. I belong to a Senior Ladies Experimental Amateur Gourmet Chef’s club and we begin each meeting with a steaming cup of your Guatemala coffee, our current favorite! We know we can always count on the quality of your products.”
- Joy G.

"I received my order of coffee yesterday, opened it this morning and tried the Peru decaf coffee and it was to my delight delicious. Can’t wait to taste the other coffees in the samples. I am glad I found you on the web. I hope you the best. Decaf with great flavor is so hard to find but with your company I have found it."
- David S.

"DECAF COFFEE- it's all I drink. Regular makes me feel like crap (shaky, anxious, and on edge). But I LOVE coffee. Especially the ritual. I think I forgot how GOOD decaf coffee can taste until Talking Crow Coffee Roasters and I did a little swap! HOLY COW! This decaf is INCREDIBLE. First, the beans are decaffeinated by the Swiss Water Process. They source their beans from farmers they built relationships with (you know we love our farmers!) The beans are sent to Swiss Water to become decaffeinated, and then Talking Crow roasts the beans to PERFECTION. Seriously, every single cup of coffee that I have made with their beans has been incredible. I forgot that coffee could have so much depth and flavor and notes of brightness and acidity! And as an extra bonus they are local to Washington. This is not a sponsored post, but I'm so excited to have found coffee that brings back FLAVOR while still meeting my decaf needs."
-Holly C. Owner, Seattle Elderberry

"Coffee is one of my favorite just because drink! Drinking caffeinated coffee was all I knew, until I discovered Talking Crow Coffee Roasters. When I say "decaf", I'm susre you may be skeptical, but let me say you would never know you're drinking decaf coffee! One of my favorite things besides it tasting so good, is that you can enjoy a cup of hot or cold coffee anytime of the day without having to worry about it keeping you up at night.”
- Channon

"Thank you Talking Crow Coffee Roasters for the awesome coffee! It's straight up some of the best I've ever had. It's a must have!"
- Brandon J.

" What comes to mind when you think of decaf coffee? (insert comment) - Even before my journey into Specialty coffee, I was trained to steer clear. So many "death before decaf" memes online. The few times I did try it, I felt like drinking a watered down coffee. That was until I tried some at my first barista gig, and it made me reconsider. Some people, like myself, drink coffee for the flavor as much as for the energy boost. So what to do after 7 pm and you're craving that sweet bean juice? If only someone treated decaf like regular and kept most of the flavor we love without the caffeine to keep us up all night. Enter Talking Crow Coffee Roasters. They specialize in amazing decaf coffees and regular coffee too. I've ordered two sample packs (three 4 oz bags) and have enjoyed each one. I will definitely keep a decaf in my rotation for myself and guests. I've found full immersion or hybrid methods like the French Press or AP work consistently well at the brewing great cups. If you're brewing with a V60/Chemex go a tad coarser to ensure the minimal agitation."
- Brandon (@parkslopekid)