12 oz bag of Talking Crow Coffee Roasters specialty decaf single origin El Salvador

Decaf El Salvador Finca La Esperanza Swiss Water Process

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This coffee comes from Finca La Esperanza in El Porvenir, Santa Ana.  Today, under the management of the Pacas family, Finca La Esperanza has been divided into 18 different tablones (lots) each of which has different characteristics and microclimates. The very highest one on the farm is called “La Cima” (The Top) and is mostly planted under Bourbon coffee trees.  Sustainability is hugely important to the Pacas family on all their farms. The philosophy is that of ‘Nutrient Closed Cycling’ – meaning that whatever is extracted (in this case, only coffee cherry) is then returned in full. All coffee pulp and all organic matter as by-products of processing or farm management (coffee pulp, leaves and branches) is composted down and then mixed back into the soil, returning vital nutrients to the plants the following year.

Farm:  Finca La Esperanza 

Growing Altitude:  1,100 - 1,750 meters above sea level

Arabica Varietal: Red Bourbon, Orange Bourbon, Pacamara El-Cascajal

Harvest Period: February - April

Milling Process: Natural and Swiss Water Process

Aroma: Sweet cream, caramel

Body: Heavy

Acidity: Medium

Flavor: Nutty, Pomelo, Chocolate