Do you know about the Swiss Water Process of decaffeination?

Have you ever wondered how Swiss Water decaffeinates green coffee and how it can be the cleanest method available?

First, they create a Green Coffee Extract (GCE) by soaking the green beans in water.  This GCE is monitored closely.  The Green Coffee Extract contains all the soluble solids of coffee except caffeine. 

Next the coffee to be decaffeinated is cleaned and soaked so that it is rehydrated to prepare for the target moisture level that is ideal for caffeine removal. This step removes dirt, dust, and the silver skin.

The third step is where the caffeine is drawn away and filtered out. GCE is continuously circulated around the green coffee for a period of 8-10 hours until there is no more than 0.1% caffeine remaining in the green coffee.  The caffeine molecule in the caffeinated green coffee is pulled by osmosis towards the Green Coffee Extract which is missing the caffeine molecule. As it moves towards the GCE it is trapped in a proprietary carbon filter system.  The carbon is sent to a regeneration furnace to burn away the caffeine, so that the filter can be reused. 

Then the GCE is renewed and refreshed to be used again.

When the coffee has reached 99.9% caffeine free, the coffee is ready to be dried, bagged, and shipped to the customer. 

Then it's up to us, when we roast, to coax out all the delicious flavor.  We love that Swiss Water Process decaffeinated coffees are decaffeinated WITHOUT chemicals, but with clear, clean glacial water from British Columbia.  It's 100% chemical free.  It's the ONLY method that is 99.9% caffeine free.  Win-Win.

You can rest assured that our decafs are ALWAYS and ONLY Swiss Water Process because no one wants a side of chemicals with their specialty coffee! 

Which is your favorite single origin decaf? 

Carol and Eric


*This information was directly taken from the Swiss Water website. 



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