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Our Story

"He drinks regular – she needs decaf." 

Image of two full coffee mugs one black and one white regular and decaf black coffee
Talking Crow began with us, a husband and wife with a passion for excellent coffee.  We are a predominately decaf coffee company and this is why...for health reasons Carol needs to drink decaf.  Third Wave Specialty coffee offers choices of roasts, regions and seasonal single-origins all with phenomenal tasting notes, but these varied offerings are not available for decaf. We're here to change that by providing a range of selections. Whether you are an occasional or a consistent decaf coffee drinker, now you don’t have to settle for “meh”. We set out to redefine decaf for you…it will taste exceptional and you will have choices. Coffee is for everyone. Caffeine isn’t.
We are committed to using 100% natural and chemical free Swiss Water Process decaffeinated green beans.  Pursuing quality relationships with the producers (farmers) and suppliers (importers) allows us to source the best quality beans. Small batch roasting enables us to ensure quality and consistency. Running a fluid bed roaster lets us minimize our carbon footprint by reducing carbon emissions. These intentional choices represent our values.  All of them result in coffee worth talking about. And for those of you who drink regular...we do that too!
All day.  Every day. Coffee you love.