Our Story

Talking Crow Coffee Roasters is a Washington based specialty coffee micro roaster founded in 2017 by me, Carol, along with my husband, Eric.   

Do you love coffee, but need to avoid caffeine due health issues or just hate the jitters or anxiety from being overly caffeinated?  Do you wish you had the same great tasting choices as regular drinkers?  Me too, that's why I started this coffee roasting business that focuses on crafting exceptional decaf.  My husband suggested to include a little bit of regular too because after all… coffee is for everyone – caffeine isn’t.

My journey with decaf began after the birth of our last baby (we have 8!)  when I suffered from extreme adrenal fatigue.  Completely exhausted, my doctor insisted that I give up caffeine.  Seriously?  How would I get through the day without that boost?  But wanting to get healthy, I switched to decaf.  While Eric was able to enjoy a delicious single origin espresso or pour over, my only option was a decaf blend that honestly, didn’t taste very good and often had been decaffeinated with chemicals. YUCK.  I wanted my coffee to taste as good as what I used to enjoy!  That’s when we both had a light-bulb moment and realized that so many others who need to avoid caffeine were facing the same problem, so we purposed to focus this roastery on crafting really excellent decaf. 

So whether you are an occasional or a consistent decaf coffee drinker, YOU NOW HAVE CHOICES!  We offer you the largest selection of single origin Swiss Water Process decaf coffees.  And for those of you who drink regular...we do a little bit of that too!

We think these things make for excellent coffee: 

Using only 99.9% caffeine free Swiss Water Process decaffeinated green beans. (Swiss Water uses a 100% chemical free decaffeination process.)  

Pursuing quality relationships with the producers and importers allows us to source the best quality beans.

Ensuring quality and consistency through small batch roasting

Minimizing our carbon footprint by reducing carbon emissions by roasting on a fluid bed air roaster. 

 All day. Every day. Coffee you love.