How to make Coffee-Infused oil.

Coffee infused oil

Coffee-infused oil has so many uses. 

Making the oil is super easy.  There are two basic methods that call for just a few ingredients and tools.

  •  Organic ground coffee decaf or regular (two tablespoons)
  •  Carrier oil of choice (four ounces)*
  • A jar with a tight fitting lid, like a canning jar. (at least six-ounces)
  •  Cheesecloth or cold brew bag, or a fine mesh sieve
  • Slow Cooker (only for the warm infusion method)
* For the carrier oil, it's really up to your preference.  Coconut oil is antifungal, and antibacterial, but you can use olive oil, jojoba oil, argon oil, coconut oil or sunflower oil.

There are 2 methods to make the infused oil.  One is quicker than the other, but both are easy.

  • Warm-infusion Method

If you want a faster approach, you should try out the warm infusion method. People mostly recommend this one for making the oil in large quantities. With just a few steps over four hours, coffee-infused oil can be ready for use.

1. First, put your ground coffee beans in the mason jar and pour the carrier oil over them.

2. Now, place a towel in the slow cooker so that it rests on the bottom.

3. Fill the cooker with enough water to cover about half of the jar, and then place the jar in the water.

4. Remember not to put the lid on the cooker. Turn on low.

5. Allow the oil and coffee grounds to infuse for four hours.

6. Turn off the heat.  Using an oven mitt or potholder, remove the jar with caution.

7. Strain the oil through a cheesecloth (or cold brew bag or fine mesh sieve.)

8. Discard the strained grounds.

9. You can now begin using your coffee-infused oil.

  • Cold Infusion Method

If you have the patience to wait a few weeks, go ahead and use this method. 

1. In the mason jar, immerse the coffee grounds in your carrier oil and place a cap on the jar.

2. Store the jar in a cool place away from any sunlight.

3. Every few days, make an effort to gently shake the jar so that the coffee grounds are occasionally stirring. Continue this for two to three weeks.

4. After two weeks, use a cheesecloth or substitute and carefully strain the infused oil to remove the coffee grounds.

5. Your cold-infused oil is ready.

So why make coffee oil?  
The antioxidants, particularly vitamin E help moisturize the skin. Because of this, it's the perfect ingredient to use when making a number of different body care products, such as the coffee lip balm, (like the ones we include in your orders during the holiday season) body butter, body scrubs, under-eye lotions, and body lotions.

Recipes for skin care products that use coffee infused oils are easily found on the internet (Hello Pinterest!) and make ideal gifts. Of course, if you have a die-hard DIYer on your gift could give them the coffee infused oil so that they can make their own skin care products. 


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