The perfect spooky drink.

Charcoal latte on an open book

The charcoal latte. 

Ever had a charcoal latte? It's been all the rage since 2018.  
The charcoal latte is touted as a detoxifying drink due to the purifying properties of charcoal.  The millions of tiny pores in the charcoal trap toxins and chemicals.  

It has a really unique flavor but MUST be enjoyed with caution. Charcoal is a powerful detoxifying agent.  Hospitals use it for treatment of drug overdose and poisoning. According to Dr. Axe charcoal is used as a teeth whitener, a digestive cleanse, a mold cleanse, and for alleviating gas and bloating.  Charcoal removes all poisons and chemicals including prescribed medications, so it's recommended if you'd like to try a charcoal latte, enjoy it at least 2 -3 hours apart from taking your prescriptions.  

There are several variations of the charcoal latte:

The Plain Black & White Steamer
2 capsules (about 1/2 teaspoon) of activated charcoal and steamed milk of choice.  For a darker black - use up to 1 teaspoon charcoal.
Break open the capsules into your mug and add a tiny bit of water to create a black liquid.  Add your steamed milk of choice. 

The Rosie Charcoal latte
2 capsules of activated charcoal (opened) (1/2 - 1 teaspoon)
1 Tablespoon rose simple syrup
1 shot espresso 
Steamed milk of choice
Dried rose petals for garnish (optional)
Break open the charcoal capsules and add to your mug. Add brewed espresso and rose simple syrup. Swirl to mix.  Add steamed milk choice.  Garnish with crushed dried rose petals. 

The lavender - Honey Charcoal Latte
2 capsules of activated charcoal (1/2 - 1 teaspoon)
1 Tablespoon honey
1 Tablespoon lavender simple syrup
1 shot of espresso
Steamed milk of choice
Lavender buds for garnish (optional)
Break open charcoal capsules and add to your mug.  Add brewed espresso and swirl to mix.  Add simple syrup.  Steam your milk of choice with honey.  Add to espresso.  Garnish with lavender buds.

The Iced Sweet Black & White
2 capsules of activated charcoal (1/2 - 1 teaspoon)
1-2 Tablespoon raw honey or maple syrup 
Milk of choice
1 shot chilled espresso
In a blender, blend together the charcoal, honey and milk.  Fill a glass with ice.  Pour chilled espresso over ice and add the blended ingredients. 

3 Tips:
- Always use food grade activated charcoal (and rose petals and lavender buds too)
- It's been recommended to drink a charcoal latte in the evening when it's less likely to strip your body of nutrients - the perfect pairing with decaf espresso. :-)
- We recommend enjoying ONLY 1 and only once in a while.  


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