Glass of cascara tea on a white railing with coffee plant behind.

Have you tried Cascara?

  We discovered cascara earlier this year on our trip to Kona for the Kona Coffee Farme...
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Eric and Carol standing behind their Talking Crow Coffee Roasters products at the Monroe Farmers' Market

Come see us at the Monroe Farmers' Market!

We are super excited to be part of this fabulous local farmers' market and the Buy Fres...
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Bag of Talking Crow Coffee Roasters specialty decaf single origin Ethiopian coffee on a wood board with chocolate pieces, graham crackers and blueberries

Why Ethiopian?

"Qahwah", "Kaffa", "Quwwa", these are all words that have been claimed to be where the ...
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12 and 4 oz bags of Talking Crow Coffee Roasters Decaf Colombian coffee with a white Swiss Water Process mug filled with brewed coffee

Why Colombian?

 Why Colombian? Continuing on in our series of single origin coffees, we are going to f...
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White mug with Talking Crow Coffee Roasters roasted decaf beans inside

Four Methods of Decaffeinating Coffee

First let's start with some coffee bean basics.  There are some facts you should know, ...
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Two French Press coffee brewers with coffee mugs

Coffee hacks you need to know!

We are in for some warm weather and I must say, we are pretty excited about that!  Warm...
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Coffee crusted almonds on an aqua plate

A tasty recipe for you from @mals_motivated

Coffee is not only absolutely terrific to drink, but it is a fabulous ingredient in rec...
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Specialty Coffee Flavor Wheel

Coffee Flavor Notes: A symphony of taste

You see "flavor notes" listed on products bags, but what are they?  Well, they aren't added flavorings, but compounds in the beans brought out by roasting and brewing.
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Flat lay of a wooden tray with a vase of purple tulips, a 12 oz bag of Talking Crow Coffee Roasters single origin specialty decaf Peru, a mug with coffee, and a French press brewer.

What's the Difference Between Single Origin Coffee and Blends?

If you’re new to Specialty coffee you might not be familiar with all the terms that are often used, and I’m not talking about brewed drinks like Macchiato or Cortado, but rather “blend”, “single-origin”, and “micro-lot”.
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Exterior of Talking Crow Coffee Roasters roastery

New Beginnings

Happy 2019!  As we embark on a new year, I thought it would be fitting to talk about new beginnings, specifically how Talking Crow began.

Sitting over a cup of our morning coffee, Eric and I were thinking about a “retire to” career - something that the two of us could work at together and also bring the kids alongside us too, if they wanted.  Eric thought coffee roasting was fascinating and it sounded pretty intriguing to me too.  We decided to take classes offered by Specialty Coffee Association so that we could learn as much as we could.  The classes were offered at the Swiss Water Process plant in Burnaby, Canada, which lucky for us, is a very doable drive away.  We were immersed in coffee information from “seed to cup” as they say.  Growing, farming, harvesting, processing, exporting, importing, roasting, and brewing - A LOT OF INFORMATION!

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Specialty Coffee Association Flavor Wheel

What is “Specialty” coffee anyway?

“Specialty” coffee is not just a word that describes any coffee, it is synonymous for high quality through all the stages of the coffee production process from seed to cup which include: planting and growing conditions (soil conditions and elevation), harvesting, processing (wet, dry or honey), and roasting the top 10% of Arabica seeds.
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Vintage picture of young Eric on the grass with his pet, Tony the Talking Crow

We're Officially Open!

Our shop for Talking Crow Coffee Roasters is open at last! After 2 years of working tirelessly, we have at last brought to life our dream. A dream to open a Pacific Northwest coffee roastery focused on Swiss Water decaf coffee (free of all chemicals!).

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