World map with cup of black coffee on top.

So where exactly is coffee grown?

Coffee can only grow in particular places that offer specific growing conditions.  Warm...
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Swiss Water Process Infographic on the decaffeination process

The Swiss Water Process of decaffeination.

 All of our delicious decafs have been decaffeinated by the Swiss Water Process, but wh...
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4 latte pitchers filled with milk.  Glass milk bottle in the background.

Tulips, swans, and hearts, oh my!

How to choose a pitcher to practice your latte art. Picture this… you stroll into your ...
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Pouring a cup of coffee from a Chemex brewer into a glass mug

Coffee, diterpenes, and your health

Did you know that your coffee could be hurting or helping your health? Brewed coffee co...
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Glass mug filled with black coffee, a cube of grass-fed Kerrygold butter with a butter knife beside it with blue checkered towel in the background

What is Bullet Proof Coffee?

Have you heard of Bulletproof Coffee?  Believe it or not, I first heard of it when watc...
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Caffeine molecule with a red circle around it and red line through it.

How to detox from caffeine.

Let’s talk about a caffeine detox. There are several reasons why you might want to do c...
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multiple mugs of coffee - full, half-full, and empty

The many benefits of limiting or avoiding caffeine

It’s a new year and no doubt you have some “new year resolutions”.  We like to call the...
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Woman performing Ethiopian coffee ceremony

The lore of Ethiopian coffee and the traditional coffee ceremony

The Ethiopian Coffee Ceremony is steeped in tradition and history and begins with the s...
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Tres Leches Coffee Drink in glass with layers of black coffee, sweetened condensed milk, evaporated milk, and whipped cream.

Tres Leches Coffee Drink

Cinco de Mayo is coming up.   Celebrate with this DELICIOUS Mexican coffee beverage kno...
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Carol Blanchet, Founder/CEO Talking Crow Coffee Roasters, LLC

How I came to drink decaf (and be a predominantly decaf coffee roaster)

Believe it or not, I haven’t always loved coffee - gasp!  I bet you wouldn’t expect tha...
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Glass mug of Irish coffee topped with whipped cream and a green leprechaun hat in the background.

Irish Coffee

It's said that everyone is Irish on March 17th, which marks the death of St. Patrick, t...
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Glass flip top bottle with Rose simple syrup, a spoon with the syrup dribbled on it, and  and a bag of Talking Crow Coffee Roasters in the background.

How to make Simple Syrups to Flavor Your Coffee

Flavored lattes are such a treat. What is your favorite?  Traditional vanilla? Or maybe...
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Glass with cold brew coffee over ice on a blue polka dot towel.

Hot take on Cold Brew

Cold coffee.  We are not talking about that cold cup of black coffee that has been sitt...
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Talking Crow Coffee Roasters whole bean single origin specialty decaf coffee Guatemala

What you need to know about Guatemalan coffee

Guatemalan coffee is very popular and a favorite among coffee enthusiasts. Learn more a...
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A new mom holding her newborn baby looking at him.

The impact of caffeine on mom and newborn sleep - a guest post by Kelsey Alford

Kelsey Alford is a wife, mama of two, and is the owner and founder of Nested Sleep.  ...
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white mug with coffee and latte art

How much caffeine is in Swiss Water Process decaffeinated Coffee

Most associate coffee with the caffeine buzz it provides, but many people need to avoid...
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Talking Crow Coffee Roasters Swiss Water Decaf Sampler set

Decaf Only Sampler Sets

Just for you - we now have decaf only sampler sets.  Our samplers have been a top selli...
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Talking Crow Coffee Roasters Smile Rewards program icon

Big news...we've launched a rewards program!

We here at Talking Crow think community is important - you know the saying,"Birds of a ...
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top view of open coffee bags with beans inside

Keeping your coffee fresh – what you need to know.

Coffee has four enemies.  Learn what they are and how to protect your coffee against them to keep it as fresh as possible.
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A man and woman cupping specialty coffee at Talking Crow Coffee Roasters

Cupping: More than just taste testing

We all have thought at one point in our lives that the perfect job would be food qualit...
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