12 oz. bag of Talking Crow Coffee Roasters Single Origin Swiss Water Process Decaf Mexico Oaxaca whole bean coffee

Decaf Mexico Oaxaca Swiss Water Process

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Fine Mexican coffees boast a delicate body with an acidity snap, and a gentle sweetness.

Oaxaca is one of Mexico’s most storied coffee-growing regions. The work being done within the Pluma Hidalgo sub-region—home to its own variety, Pluma—has shifted in recent years to represent the best of true craft coffee farming. The longtime province of large estate farmers, Pluma farming has recently shifted primarily into the hands of smallholders who provide the care and attention these plants have needed, out of sheer necessity of their own farms’ survival. With their perseverance has come great reward: beautiful, high-grown coffees with dynamic and captivating flavor profiles.

Swiss Water Process Decaf

Growing Altitude:  1500 - 2200 meters above sea level

Arabica Varietal: Pluma Traditional (heirloom)

Harvest Period: December - March 

Milling Process: Washed

Aroma: Sweet

Body: Creamy

Acidity: Medium

Flavor: Guava, Caramel, Dark Chocolate, Marzipan 


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