12 oz bag of Talking Crow Coffee Roasters Half Caf Mexico

Half-Caf Mexico

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The Terruno Nayarita is one of the best Mexican coffees.  It has full body, sweet berry-buttery nut aroma, a smooth finish and bright acidity.  Combined with our Shade grown Swiss Water Process Decaf Chiapas which has a delicate body and a gentle sweetness, together as a Half-Caf we detect flavor notes of ever so slight citrus, brown sugar and chocolate. 

This coffee is shade grown from the Communities of Origin of Huaynomota, La Yerba, Cordondel Jilguero, el Cuarenteno. 

Growing Altitude:  900-1100 meters above sea level

Arabica Varietal: Bourbon, Catuai, Caturra, Criollo, Mundo Novo, Typica

Harvest Period: November - May

Milling Process: Natural, Sun-dried, Washed, Patio Dryed

Aroma: fruity, floral, nutty, sweet

Body: Smooth, full, lush

Acidity: Medium

Flavor: Chocolate, fruit, floral, brown sugar