4 oz bags of Talking Crow Coffee Roasters Samplet Set of all origins

Sampler Set of All Available Roasts

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Our Samplers are the perfect way to try out the many different single origin roasts we have to offer.

This set currently includes  14 (4 oz) samples - one of each origin available

Decaf Colombia - Swiss Water Process  

Decaf Ethiopia Jimma - Swiss Water Process 

Decaf Guatemala Entre Rios- Swiss Water Process

Decaf Honduras Cadexsa Occiedente - Swiss Water Process

Decaf Mexico Puebla - Swiss Water Process

Decaf Rwanda Musasa- Swiss Water Process 

Decaf Sumatra Mandheling - Swiss Water Process

Half Caf  Mexico -Swiss Water Process 

Regular Brazil - Cerrado

Regular Costa Rica Tarrazu

Regular Mexico Terruno Nayarita

Regular Peru Capili

Regular Tanzania Kilimanjaro peaberry