12 oz bag of Talking Crow Coffee Roasters Single Origin Haiti Zombie Desert Regular Whole bean speciality coffee

Regular Haiti Zombie Desert

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Haiti has long been a county of struggles. (Civil unrest, hurricanes.)  This particular importer prioritizes sustainable employment in Haiti, using specialty grade, organic coffee. Farmers should get paid based on the quality of their product and they practice this belief by paying around 300% higher wages than what Fair Trade requires as they work to alleviate poverty in rural coffee growing regions.  We whole-heartedly support this mission!

Growing Altitude:  1300 Meters above sea level

Arabica Varietal:  Catimor, Typica, Blue Mountain

Harvest Period:  

Milling Process: Washed

Aroma: Peanut

Body: Heavy

Acidity: Low

Flavor: Peanut, Carmelized Brown Sugar, a little earthy


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